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The very last marathon

Gepost op 13-05-2018

The battle with the invisible enemy

Gepost op 17-03-2018

At the end of the world

Gepost op 11-02-2018

Squeezed lemons on the Ruta 40

Gepost op 15-01-2018

It is not the fittest who survives

Gepost op 28-10-2017

Huge castles in the air in the Andes

Gepost op 06-08-2017

A winding trifle towards the south

Gepost op 10-07-2017

Without nads you are the dupe

Gepost op 07-06-2017

Halfhearted tourist porridge and the ass of Kardashian

Gepost op 17-04-2017

Routine behaviour and buckets of Corona

Gepost op 23-03-2017

Until the limit and beyond

Gepost op 14-02-2017

Now it is to sink or swim

Gepost op 19-01-2017

Straight through the Mexican dust towards 2017

Gepost op 25-12-2016

Running is silver and floating is golden

Gepost op 05-12-2016

Running mothers in a creative hotspot with anaemia

Gepost op 16-11-2016

Waste your precious time wisely

Gepost op 23-10-2016

Two dying swans in Olympic National Park

Gepost op 29-09-2016

Cherish real heroes

Gepost op 13-09-2016

Unspoilt dullness and a course record

Gepost op 24-08-2016

Dark clouds above the Yukon

Gepost op 03-08-2016

Flirting with pain

Gepost op 24-07-2016

Alaska is an island for fortune-hunters

Gepost op 05-07-2016

Weighing up the pros and cons on the Dalton Highway

Gepost op 22-06-2016

Refuelling in Coldfoot

Gepost op 11-06-2016

In the footsteps of Alexander Supertramp

Gepost op 27-05-2016

Alaska-proof across Canada - part 3

Gepost op 26-05-2016

Alaska-proof across Canada - part 2

Gepost op 11-05-2016

Alaska-proof across Canada - part 1

Gepost op 29-04-2016

Chasing Echternach in Zaventem

Gepost op 25-04-2016

Via PanAm officially kicked off

Gepost op 24-04-2016

The moment of truth: we leave everything behind and take off

Gepost op 22-04-2016

Bopping around in the harbour of Antwerp

Gepost op 11-04-2016

A Dutch running festival for low flyers and atmosphere creators

Gepost op 10-04-2016

Marathon Des Sables: a magical place in the Sahara

Gepost op 08-03-2016
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