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Until the end of the world

Gepost op 30-03-2018

Undulating along the seven lakes

Gepost op 28-01-2018

Slowly under steam

Gepost op 22-01-2018

Mother Nature and her quirks

Gepost op 12-01-2018

Happy 2018

Gepost op 31-12-2017

Through the dust towards Argentina

Gepost op 01-12-2017

A little service announcement

Gepost op 07-11-2017

The road to Uyuni

Gepost op 31-10-2017

The dunes of Huacachina

Gepost op 27-09-2017

All good things come to an end

Gepost op 15-09-2017

A pilgrimage to the Magic Bus

Gepost op 01-09-2017

Travel along to Ecuador one more time

Gepost op 15-08-2017

One more time Colombia

Gepost op 10-08-2017

Born runner or limping mule

Gepost op 26-06-2017

Hospitality is a noble art

Gepost op 24-06-2017

Robbed between Panama and Colombia

Gepost op 05-06-2017

Straight through Central America

Gepost op 22-05-2017

Rooftop party at the Panama canal

Gepost op 15-05-2017

Rollercoaster ride in a yellow gummy boat

Gepost op 03-05-2017

Little things please little minds

Gepost op 26-04-2017

Behind every mad runner there is strong woman

Gepost op 13-03-2017

A taste of the couleur locale

Gepost op 06-03-2017

A tribute to mental resilience

Gepost op 25-02-2017

Being crazy does not hurt

Gepost op 06-02-2017

Via PanAm new year's letter

Gepost op 04-01-2017

Our last marathons for 2016 in a nutshell

Gepost op 29-12-2016

Through the big gate southward

Gepost op 12-12-2016

A flashback on the Golden Gate Run with our running mothers

Gepost op 19-11-2016

A quick flashback to Canada

Gepost op 12-10-2016

100th marathons in our legs

Gepost op 22-09-2016

In Vancouver everything happens really fast

Gepost op 17-09-2016

A quickie on the Dalton Highway

Gepost op 12-08-2016

Lightning visits and other festivities in the Yukon

Gepost op 20-07-2016

Snow white ice bears in the Yukon

Gepost op 18-07-2016

Our 1.000 kilometer are run and that's a fact

Gepost op 02-07-2016

A hard nut and Santa Claus

Gepost op 24-06-2016

The game is officially on...

Gepost op 01-06-2016

Messing things up on the Dalton Highway

Gepost op 31-05-2016
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